| The "grieving parents" are ready!

The "grieving parents" are ready!
In 2013 Renier Natuursteen was comissioned to produce a copy of the "grieving parents" by Käthe Kolwitz.

The German artist designed these self-portraits of herself and her husband for their son who was killed on the Belgian front during the First World War. The images guard the grave of the son at the German cemetery in Vladslo .

uring the Second World War a grandson of Käthe Kolwitz died on the Russian front. As a tribute, Volksbund decided to have copies of both statues installed at the grave of the grandson.

Renier Natuursteen made a full 3Dscan with 3D drawings of the images as a result. On the basis of these drawings, they could program a large 5-axis CNC milling machine to mill the statues out of rough blocks Belgian Blue Limestone.